Top 10 Architect in Lucknow

Top 10 Architect in Lucknow

Are you looking for a reputable and competent architect in Lucknow? Hire a professional with experience in the industry local to your region if you intend to make interior alterations to your house or place of business. In addition to offering you appealing ideas and layouts, a reputable and competent architect can also provide you counsel on how to effectively manage your cost. Unlike builders, architects invest the greatest of their work in enhancing the structure’s aesthetic appeal. 3290+ verified experts with 4.5-star ratings are listed under my company. For further information, get in touch with a reputable architect service firm in Lucknow. So, if planning significant additions and adjustments is involved, an architect should be your first port of call. See Architect in Lucknow

Best Architect in Lucknow

Whether you want to rebuild a single room or your entire home, investing in a qualified architect is an excellent internal consistency move. Your desire can come true with the knowledge and expertise of a skilled architect in Lucknow for your home or a commercial project that goes with the optimal design and planning of your project.

But selecting the best architect in Lucknow can be difficult given the abundance of options. Therefore, to help you in your quest for an architect, we have set together some kind of list of the best architectural firms in Lucknow to consider.

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A ranking of the best architect in Lucknow.
Things to take into account when selecting the best architect in Lucknow.

Perfect Architect in Lucknow

Perfect is a renowned architectural design firm that specializes in constructing residential and commercial projects with cutting-edge technology and top-notch amenities.

The primary goals of the perfect architect are to offer luxury interior design, cutting-edge home construction services, and high-end architectural plans.

PERFECT is a fantastic choice for your architectural planning, interior designing, and renovation needs if you’re searching for a one-stop shop. Because of its experience working on home projects, the business is regarded as being the top residential architect in LUCKNOW.

You can trust Perfect to construct the home of your dreams.

Ace Architect in Lucknow

Lucknow is perhaps the most active city in India. The silicon valley of India is continually under development for housing condos, corporate workplaces, and different institutions. Known as the ‘Nursery City of east India’, Lucknow is likewise a famous site for super cool office, business, and medical services structures. Hence, the absolute most renowned architects, engineers, planners, and architectural firms in the nation originating from Lucknow. The scene of Lucknow is adorned perfectly with grand buildings planned by these talented bosses. Architects are a resource for any building project, their point of view and spotlight on subtleties can have a great deal of effect on the site. Notwithstanding, finding an architect reasonable for your undertaking prerequisites can be precarious. So to save you the difficulty, we have made a combination of the 10 best architectural firms in Lucknow.

1.Greenline Architect & Interior Designer

A design-focused architecture practice called “Green Line Architect” was founded in 2006. The greatest and most seasoned architects in Lucknow make up the GLA team, which offers a variety of architectural consulting services, from luxury houses to commercial buildings. A senior architect, a landscape architect, and an urban planner make up their team. They have diverse experience working in 45+ platted townships with 200+ people. They constantly work to deliver tasteful, exacting, and creative design answers that address each site’s operational, budgetary, and program needs for the customer. All of their initiatives are designed and managed with the guiding principles of clarity, effectiveness, and simplicity.

SPECIALTY: Residential Designs, Institutional, Landscape Design, Factory, and Vastu Designing, Interior Designing and Decoration, Commercial Projects, Hotel and Resort Planning, Landscaping and Gardening, Town-Planning and Plotting, School/Collages Designs, 3D-Views & Walkthroughs

2.Vastulip Architect & interior designer

In the full-service architectural business Vastulip, the quality of a design is determined by how effectively individual needs are reconciled with the practical, practical, and technological requirements of space. They adhere to the aesthetic discipline, but more significantly, they also take function, productivity, development, and cost-effectiveness into account. They are an architect and interior designer duo with enough help to get the job done and the courage to try something new. To its credit, the organization has completed a number of notable projects. The production of comprehensive architectural and interior design concepts is required for the work, which is described with the aid of numerous drawings. The company offers supervision, quality assurance, and job monitoring to ensure prompt completion.

SPECIALITY: Cinemas, auditoriums, group housing, hotels and guesthouses, commercial complexes, hospitals, specialty nursing homes, industrial, residential, institutional, and office buildings, and architecture, urban planning, interior, and landscape design.

3. Skyline Architect & interior designer

A Lucknow-based architectural firm is called Skyline. They work as a fully collaborative team to produce outcomes for buildings that are completely integrated. They have completed 654 projects throughout their twenty-four years of experience and have 1232 active jobs. Your organization may operate more effectively with their assistance in workspace design and architecture. For clients and project types across the world, the business provides complete professional services. They specialize in offering full-service architecture, planning, interior design, and implementation. In addition to providing completely integrated building outcomes, Skyline also offers advisory support to its clients in a variety of architectural design fields.

Specialty: Educational Institutions, Township and Housing, Office Buildings, Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Guest Houses, Medical College and Hospitals, Hostels, Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, International Projects, Auditoriums, Sports, Recreational, Convention & Community Centers.


4. A+ Design Architect & interior designer

Ar. Anurag Soni founded A+Design Architect in Lucknow in 2012. The company uses passive design solutions regularly and reinterprets regional architectural traditions to create a distinctive contextual language.

In a short amount of time, A+ Design captured numerous grins. From the place where the process of shaping the lovely period began, it was met with a very warm reception.

With time, A+ Design has landed several incredible projects and jobs, including those given to it by the federal and state governments.

Every building is different, therefore we don’t try to apply a pre-set language to every job that comes our way. Each response to many factors, such as setting, climate, and culture, vary from project to project, giving our work a unique character.

5. A.K. Infra & Reality Developers

The demand for residential and commercial space is rising in Lucknow, the evolving and thriving metropolis. The demand for smart living solutions in the city has significantly expanded due to the city’s growing population and working population. AK Infra & Reality Developers PVT. Ltd. has emerged with exact living solutions in response to the emergence of businesses, the upskilling of professionals, and upper-crust lifestyle trends.

The firm has transformed urban life with its ready-to-move-in 1BHK, 2BHK, and 3BHK homes, as well as stores and plots. We have worked hard over the years to maintain the stated quality standards and cutting-edge international real estate trends. Our homes not only include stylish designs and are reasonably priced, but they also heavily reflect the lavish way of life.

We have become a trusted name in real estate because of the distinctiveness of our offerings combined with flashy architecture, resort-like culture, on-time delivery, and swift execution. Being specialists in housing, we are constantly working to improve our tenants’ lives in terms of comfort, convenience, luxury, and affordability.

Let’s simplify everything! One can anticipate everything from us, whether it’s a fantastic home, effective offices, entertainment, marketing, or pleasure.

6. Archway Studio

In Gomti Nagar, Archway Studio is the best architect. One of the top architects in Lucknow is Lucknow. Their services are excellent. It’s a well-known architect in Lucknow. The best services are offered by them. The services they offer are architectural design services. Interior decorators, landscapers, commercial architects, and interior designers. Using the most recent technology, they create distinctive and contemporary designs. This firm’s team is well-trained, courteous, humble, certified, and committed to their work. This company offers good services overall.

7. Hasan and Kushal Architect

At Hasan & Kushal Architects in Lucknow, the experience of architecture, planning, and interior design is like a wave of an idea that reverberates through multiple dimensions until it fully transforms into total reality and so comes to life in a literal sense. The process of becoming an architect in Lucknow is as delicate as life itself and needs to be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity; as a result, the firm places importance on each stage of design up until completion. Since each thinking is distinct, we carefully listen to the client’s ideas, combine them with ours, and then use our tools to shape them.

Design Guidelines
We place a great emphasis on creating designs that combine the highest standards of quality, styling, effective space planning, high-quality lighting, cutting-edge voice and data, and security services to provide a suitable solution for projects of any size and scope.
With each project, we reinvent our style and develop new rules. We can shape ourselves into any style with ease since our energies are limitless.

The group
We are a group of imaginative architects who display licenses from the Indian Council of Architecture.
Thoughts about design may begin in one person’s thinking, the best is produced when numerous students work together.
(Hasan Zaidi and Kushal Dubey)

8. Arch-en Design Architect

With a wide range of projects throughout India, the award-winning multi-disciplinary services firm ARCH-EN DESIGN has demonstrated expertise in architectural design and engineering, integrated planning, urban planning, project management consulting, landscape planning, and advisory solutions.
We can offer attractive and well-thought-out solutions thanks to our 38 years of specialized expertise and design experience. Numerous residential and mixed-use clients as well as numerous central government ministries are among our clients.

Our most significant resource is our workforce. Our crew is skilled, original, and knowledgeable. We work closely with our clients to create a clear brief, and a large portion of our work comes from referrals and repeat business. Our ability to deliver projects holistically and offer a single umbrella to handle all requirements, from feasibility studies through project completion, is the key to our success.

9. K. P. Architect

K.P. Architects is a group of professionals currently led by Ar. Praneet Khare, Ar. Shikha Ujjwal Khare, and Er. Pragalbha Khare. K.P. Architects is a sister firm of Khare Building Designers Developers & Valuers (KBD), which was founded in 1919 by the Late Babu Har Ratan Lal Khare. The company thinks that the caliber of its employees and adherence to core values are its greatest assets. The team’s makeup is the ideal mix of young and experienced people, with an average of 10+ years of designing and project execution expertise between them.

At KPA, we think that the two main strategies for creating a solid team that can accomplish its objective are total quality management and total quality control. We provide services transparently and objectively. To achieve the required transparency at all levels during our work, a proper documentation system is created.

10. Elements Design Studio

Elements is a new, creative landscape architecture company that supports superior design and construction. For more than 21 years, our team has created distinctive, honorable, and cutting-edge settings. Every project is handled with integrity and a distinct point of view. We make use of a wide range of concepts and ideas while introducing completely fresh approaches to viewing, understanding, and building a “landscape.” We can translate as landscape architects and arbiters of cultural expression. Our work prioritizes maintaining reliable and timely performance throughout the planning, design, and construction phases. We place the utmost value on listening to the client, developing relationships, and comprehending the dynamics of a project. Our main goal is to protect the environment, culture, and aesthetics. 

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