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Floki is currently tradeable on the BingX, so head over to our marketplace and trade the Floki coin today. One thing is already sure, BingX will keep an eye on Floki and provide updates on where the Vikings are headed. Floki also has a distinct brand and caters to memes, the community, and a younger audience. According to Floki, it has 400,000+ holders and over 320,000 followers on Twitter to engage with the products and, most importantly, provide feedback for everything in the works.

Floki started migrating to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)in January 2022 in an attempt to improve reputation, decentralization and create new opportunities. It allows them to vote on important decisions about the future of the project. The partnership between Floki and FC Twente (a Dutch soccer club) was also criticized by fans and government officials. They are questioning the ethics behind the ads and worry about the volatility of crypto (which is even more so with meme tokens such as Floki Inu).

Learn everything about staking, how it works, the possible income & start staking. To the extent any recommendations or statements of opinion or fact made in a story may constitute financial advice, they constitute general information and not personal financial advice in any form. As such, any recommendations or statements do not take into account the financial circumstances, investment objectives, tax implications, or any specific requirements of readers. According to Floki Inu’s website, the crypto project is partnered with Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk, through the Million Gardens Movement. Sign up for our daily newsletter for the latest financial news and trending topics. It took years for Dogecoin to reach $0.01, which happened only recently, and that too because of external factors like the unwavering support of Elon Musk.

Floki Security Audits

It is also for expanding the effort globally, and generating global media attention, all while preserving high security. The goal was to build the most decentralized, fairly run, and enjoyable community project in the honor of Elon Musk’s favorite canine, Floki. In addition to the boatbuilder’s Loki influences, Floki is also partly based on a Norse explorer named Hrafna-Flóki Vilgerðarson.

  • The community calls itself the “Floki Vikings” in honor of Floki (Musk’s dog) that was named after a Viking character.
  • You can read more about how to enter the market and how to buy FLOKI or any other token in the CoinMarketCap education portal — Alexandria.
  • Furthermore, as the announcement came to light, crypto market enthusiasts cracked on it, spotlighting its scooping on meme coins.

However, these investors came together and relaunched the project, setting guidelines and structures for the sustenance of the project and protecting their investment. Floki is currently owned and managed by the community (through a DAO) and decides on fundamental changes in governance through voting. The team of developers behind Floki Inu quickly swung into action, taking advantage of Musk’s influence on the price movement of these memecoins to create a new dog-themed token. By Sept.12,  when Elon Musk announced that his family had finally adopted the puppy, FLOKI was already trading in the market. Yes, Floki is a real cryptocurrency that exists on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains (BSC) blockchains. The is a circulating supply of over 9 trillion tokens, and the project has a fully diluted market capitalization of $243 million.

Floki NFT Portal

Jackie Xu, who has over a decade of blockchain experience and is a respected figure in the industry, is the lead developer of the project according to Floki. Valhalla, an NFT gaming metaverse, is being developed by a team of 20 people with over 50 years of combined team experience, as announced by the team. Key decisions affecting the project are made through a DAO vote, where individuals vote using their FLOKI tokens. The meme coin may have a low market capitalization or become ranked among the top 10 cryptocurrencies. However, its roadmap looks promising, and its venture into metaverse gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and other projects places Floki (FLOKI) as a veritable investment. Floki, in pushing the frontier in the crypto space, has launched an NFT and Merchandise marketplace.

Floki Token Supply and Market Performance

If you would like to know where to buy FLOKI at the current rate, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in FLOKI stock are currently Binance, BlueBit, OKX, Bybit, and CoinTR Pro. Within the first few months of its existence, the memecoin has experienced a significant price increase. However, in September, the price soared by more than 250,000%, seeing the memecoin reach new all-time highs (ATHs). Floki will need to have a market cap in trillion if it reaches 1USD. The FlokiFi Locker’s tokenomics is structured to make the FLOKI token perpetually deflationary. A transactional buy and burn of FLOKI tokens is automatically conducted using 25% of the transaction fee, with the remaining 75% going to the Floki treasury.

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Floki is a cryptocurrency that derives its name from Elon Musk’s tweet towards the end of 2021. The currency was inspired by the success of other meme-based cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, and is designed to be a community-driven token that incentivizes both its holders and users. The utility pillar aims to develop various projects, such as Valhalla and Floki Places, where users can utilize FLOKI as payment to trade NFTs and purchase physical goods. The project’s latest version aims to provide utility by creating its own blockchain ecosystem and giving back to its ecosystem through charitable initiatives. Floki has also teamed up with the Million Gardens Movement, a gardening campaign founded by Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal Musk. The creators claim to view it as a movement, not just a meme coin, and have a vision of constructing schools in underdeveloped countries.

While all of that is ambitious, some real progress in terms of utility projects is yet to be seen. This is pretty impressive for a cryptocurrency that hasn’t even been around for a full year. However, it’s crucial to know everything about a cryptocurrency before investing in it. Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). These offers do not represent all available deposit, investment, loan or credit products.

Floki Inu Price Prediction 2024

Despite their anonymity, the team’s commitment to realizing Floki’s vision remains steadfast. The project is decentralized, and all smart contracts linked with Floki undergo thorough audits by third-party firms, ensuring platform security and instilling user confidence. Although FLOKI rose as a meme coin, it claims it has a deeper purpose.

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