Brightcom group share price

Stock price target for Brightcom Group Limited BCG are 14.7 on downside and 14.7 on upside.

Target 114.36
Target 215.95
Target 317.02
Target 421.16
Target 532.92
Target 636.21

Policybazaar is a subsidiary of the Brightcom Group, which is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). As an AI language model, I do not have access to real-time information on share prices or stock market details, but I can provide some general information on the company’s share price.

As of my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, Brightcom Group’s share price was around INR 6.50 on the BSE and INR 6.40 on the NSE. It’s important to note that share prices can be volatile and subject to various market factors. Therefore, the share price of Brightcom Group and its subsidiary Policybazaar may have changed since then.

Portions of Brightcom Gathering hit the 5% lower circuit at Rs 14.65 in Monday’s exchange on BSE after the Protections and Trade Leading body of India (Sebi) gave a show-cause notice-cum-break request against Brightcom Gathering and its chiefs, charging significant extortion in the organization’s fiscal summaries.

The break request has been passed against the organization, Suresh Kumar Reddy, Vijay Kancharia, Yerradoddi Ramesh Reddy, and Y. Srinivasa Rao. Suresh Reddy and Kancharia are essential for the advertiser bunch

The four people have been banned from selling, discarding or weakening their shareholding in the organization, straightforwardly or by implication until additional orders.

Over the most recent one year, the stock has declined more than 80%. Up to this point this year, it is down half on a year-to-date premise. Be that as it may, the stock has conveyed multibagger returns of more than 600% over the most recent three years.

Settled in Hyderabad, Brightcom is occupied with promotion tech, new media and advanced publicizing, and has auxiliaries ..


  1. What’s Brightcom Gathering share value today and what are Brightcom Gathering share returns ?
    Brightcom Gathering share cost was Rs 14.00 as on 18 Apr, 2023, 03:59 PM IST. Brightcom Gathering share cost was somewhere near 4.76% in light of past offer cost of Rs. 15.45. In most recent multi Month, Brightcom Gathering share cost dropped somewhere around 20.45%.
  1. What has been greatest cost of Brightcom Gathering share in most recent 52 weeks?
    In most recent 52 weeks Brightcom Gathering share had an exorbitant cost of Rs 94.75 and low cost of Rs 12.00
  1. What’s the market capitalization of Brightcom Gathering?
    Brightcom Gathering share has a market capitalization of Rs 2,825.93 Cr. Inside IT Programming area, it’s market cap rank is 26.
  1. What are the income and profit for Brightcom Gathering ?
    All out Income and Procuring for Brightcom Gathering for the year finishing 2022-03-31 was Rs 5017.36 Cr and Rs 912.20 Cr on Solidified premise. Last Quarter 2022-12-31, Brightcom Gathering detailed a pay of Rs 2863.91 Cr and benefit of Rs 543.93 Cr.
  1. Who’s the proprietor of Brightcom Gathering?
    Advertiser holding has not changed in most recent 9 months and holds 18.47 stake as on 31 Dec 2022
    Homegrown Institutional Financial backers holding has gone up from 0.0 (31 Dec 2021) to 0.06 (31 Dec 2022)
    Unfamiliar Institutional Financial backers holding has gone up from 1.87 (31 Dec 2021) to 14.55 (31 Dec 2022)
    Other financial backer holding have gone down from 81.53 (31 Blemish 2022) to 66.92 (31 Dec 2022)
  1. What are the vital measurements to dissect Brightcom Gathering Offer Cost?
    Brightcom Gathering offer can be immediately investigated on following measurements:
    Stock’s PE is 2.07
    Cost to Book Proportion of 0.56
    Profit Yield of 2.14
    EPS (following year) of Brightcom Gathering share is 6.76
  1. Which are the vital friends to Brightcom Gathering?
    Top 10 Companions for Brightcom Gathering are R Frameworks Worldwide Ltd., Newgen Programming Advancements Ltd., Harmony Innovations Ltd., Cigniti Advancements Ltd., Discovery Ltd., Accelya Arrangements India Ltd., Subex Ltd., Datamatics Worldwide Administrations Ltd., Saksoft Ltd. furthermore, Core Programming Products Ltd.


Here are some steps you can follow to invest in Brightcom Group shares:

Open a Demat and exchanging account:

A Demat account is expected to hold and exchange shares electronically, while an exchanging account permits you to trade shares on the stock trade. You can open these records with a business firm or a bank that offers such administrations.

Complete the KYC cycle:

To put resources into shares, you really want to finish the Know Your Client (KYC) process, which includes submitting character and address verification records. This is required under Indian regulation to forestall false exercises and illegal tax avoidance.

Research the organization:

Prior to putting resources into Brightcom Gathering shares, it’s vital to investigate the organization’s financials, the executives, industry patterns, and development possibilities. You can allude to the organization’s yearly reports, fiscal summaries, news stories, and different wellsprings of data to assess its presentation.

Screen the stock value:

The stock cost of Brightcom Gathering can vacillate in view of different market factors, for example, worldwide monetary circumstances, industry patterns, organization explicit news, and financial backer feelings. You can follow the stock cost utilizing monetary news sites, stock trade sites, or your financier association’s exchanging stage.

Put in trade requests:

Whenever you have opened a Demat and exchanging account, finished the KYC cycle, and explored the organization, you can put in a purchase request for Brightcom Gathering shares through your exchanging account. The request will be executed in light of the overarching market cost or the breaking point value that you have set. Essentially, you can submit an offer request to sell your portions.

Focus on expenses and assessments:

When you trade shares, you might be expected to pay business charges, exchange charges, Protections Exchange Duty (STT), and different expenses. Ensure you comprehend the charges and duties related with exchanging offers and consider them your venture choices.


Brightcom Gathering Restricted is a worldwide innovation organization that spends significant time in computerized publicizing, information examination, and network protection. The organization works in north of 65 nations and has a different arrangement of items and administrations that take care of various ventures and clients.

The Brightcom Gathering is recorded on the Bombay Stock Trade (BSE) and the Public Stock Trade of India (NSE). As of my insight cutoff date of September 2021, the organization’s portion cost was around INR 6.50 on the BSE and INR 6.40 on the NSE. Notwithstanding, it’s essential to take note of that offer costs can be unstable and dependent upon different market factors.

What makes Brightcom Gathering novel is its creative way to deal with computerized publicizing and information investigation. The organization’s leader item, “Adfinity,” is a man-made intelligence driven automatic publicizing stage that empowers organizations to improve their promotion crusades and boost their profit from venture (return for money invested). Adfinity utilizes AI calculations to investigate customer conduct, market patterns, and promotion execution information to give ongoing bits of knowledge and suggestions to publicists.

Notwithstanding Adfinity, Brightcom Gathering likewise offers other advanced promoting arrangements, for example, video publicizing, portable promoting, and virtual entertainment promoting. These arrangements assist organizations with arriving at their ideal interest group across various gadgets and channels and further develop their image perceivability and client commitment.

One more one of a kind part of Brightcom Gathering is its emphasis on information investigation and network safety. The organization’s “Understanding X” stage utilizes information mining and prescient examination to assist organizations with pursuing informed choices and gain an upper hand on the lookout. Understanding X gives modified dashboards, reports, and alarms that empower organizations to screen their exhibition, recognize inconsistencies, and distinguish open doors for development.

Brightcom Gathering likewise offers online protection arrangements like enemy of infection programming, malware discovery, and danger insight administrations. These arrangements assist organizations with safeguarding their computerized resources and alleviate digital dangers in an undeniably associated world.

In addition, Brightcom Gathering is focused on friendly obligation and manageability. The organization has carried out a few drives to lessen its carbon impression, ration regular assets, and advance social government assistance. For example, it has collaborated with the Indian government’s “Spotless India” mission to advance neatness and cleanliness in broad daylight spaces.

In outline, Brightcom Gathering is an innovation driven organization that offers creative arrangements in computerized promoting, information examination, and network protection. Its lead item, Adfinity, utilizes simulated intelligence and AI to upgrade promotion crusades and further develop return for money invested. The organization’s emphasis on information investigation and network safety assists organizations with settling on informed choices and relieve digital dangers. Besides, Brightcom Gathering’s obligation to social obligation and maintainability mirrors its vision of making a superior future for all.

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