Top 10 Cafes in Bhopal

List of Cafe in Bhopal

A Cafe is small restaurant which serves drinks and quick bytes. Bhopal is place where you will find lots of great Cafes. Looking for a great Cafe in Bhopal? You are at the right place. We have prepared a List of best cafes in Bhopal. Which will help you choose a happening place for your coffee and snack craving.

1) Momo Cafe, Bhopal

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Amid a friendly atmosphere and with a perfect mix of tastes and styles, Momo Café is known to offer an endless choice of all- day dining. Sunday Brunch then’s commodity we’d recommend you not to miss and the said café features an open kitchen where some of the finest cooks are working in their best possible manner to prepare some mind-blowing and succulent delectable ‘s for their guests. Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, International and Cafe Special Diets Vegan Options, Halal and Gluten-Free Options Meals Lunch, Regale, Brunch and After-hours Features Reservations, Private Dining, Parking/ Valet Parking, Seating, Free Wi-Fi, Buffet and Live Music

Location: DB City – Arera Hills Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal, Bhopal 462011 India.

2) Cafe Chocolade, Bhopal

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Beyond the humble face of Cafe Chokolade is a lovely cafe with ultramodern insides that’s perfect for casual dining with family and musketeers. Located in central Bhopal, Cafe Chokolade is a popular spot for chocolate suckers to gather and satisfy their hunger with their wide menu of chocolate goodies and treats for dining- heft and take-away.

3)Bake & Shake, Bhopal

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Hotel eatery for breakfast buffets & all- day menus ranging across multiple cookeries.
Inimitable tastes, seasonal offers and stupendous food ; Bake – N – Shake has been offering the food suckers of Bhopal some great flavors since further than a decade now.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Dress code: Casual

Phone: +91 755 429 1111

4) Cafechino Cafe, Bhopal

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Make your day succulent at Cafe-Chino, the pleasurable eatery and bakery located in the heart of Bhopal. Nested within the popular Jehan Numa hostel in Shymala Hills, CafeChino offers guests a warm air. With its majestic insides and open dining in covered spaces that drink in plenitude of natural light. It’s a great place to enjoy a coffee, afters, and catch up with musketeers or gather around with family for fun.

5)Bhopal Baking Company, Bhopal

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Fall in love with all effects ignited at Bhopal Baking Company, the majestic bakery in central Bhopal that serves Cakes, Cookies, Breads and afters. What makes their baked products so delicious are the good quality constituents that go into their Chuck, Cakes, Frostings and mini creations. It’s love at first bite as every confection creation has a distinct flavor and intricate donation that will charm its way into your heart.

6) Black N White Cafe & Lounge, Bhopal

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Cultural and charming, Black n White Cafe & Lounge boasts sharp black-and-white themed insides. That set the mood for trendy world lings to enjoy good food and drinks in the mega city. Creative decorations on the walls, majestic white flooring matched with dark furnishings make the cafe an intriguing place for Instagram-good prints, too. Hot on the menu is the wide range of Chinese and North Indian cookery that charge the palate with racy and savoury flavours.

7) Chai & More, Bhopal

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Be Saluted by the lovely, warm air at Chai & Further, the little artisan cafe in Bhopal that serves succulent chai (tea), drinks and food. Be amazed by the wide choice of original teas, milk andnon-milk teas, iced teas and hot chai that will charge the senses of tea dilettantes. Also on the menu are coffees and shakes, as well as delicious snacks similar as burgers, feasts and sandwiches to round your choice of drink.

8) Ali Baba Caves- Restaurant & Rooftop Cafe, Bhopal

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A treasure in the heart of Bhopal, Ali Baba Caves is a luxurious eatery and rooftop cafe with panoramic views of megacity streetscapes. Comfortable seats with plush cocoons, rustic tables and ornate furnishings make rooftop dining under the skies an experience to remember. It’s little wonder that Ali Baba Caves is a favoured spot to celebrate special occasions and enjoy weekday happy hour specials with stupendous food and drinks.

9)Eclair – The Bake Shop, Cafe in Bhopal

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Relaxing Bakery serving afters and ignited light snacks at a luxury hostel.
Tempt your sweet tooth with the finest goodies at The Eclair Lounge, the swish cafe located in the posh yard of Marriott Bhopal. Rest and relax in a luxurious air with succulent goodies, snacks and drinks at a deluxe chesterfield and bar. It’s the perfect place to love a loved one or celebrate a special occasion.

10)Cafe Mojo Jojo, Bhopal

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Cafe Mojo Jojo is one of the popular cafes in central Bhopal, thanks to its warm terrain, friendly staff and variety of food on their menu. Positioned contrary Aura Mall in Bhopal, this fascinating cafe is a huge crowd- sculler with trendy millennials. The atmosphere and unique decorations make it a great place for refection and fests. Popular on their menu are the brunch selections, luscious snacks, pleasurable snakes and mocktails.

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