Best Interior Designers in Surat

Surat is called the Diamond City of India .It does 90% of Cutting and Polishing of Diamonds on the entire planet .There are many factors working together to make this happen .We have visitors at our house. They do not like empty house . People like a decorated house. The interior designing is one of those factors to make the house look good . An architect joins the bricks . The interior designers makes those bricks look good. The people living in this makes it a “Home”. The interior designers of Surat are one of the best ones to do the same

” Good buildings come from good people. All problems are solved by Good Design”.

Many designers give interior designer courses to the people who are interested . We bring you the best interior designers in Surat .They believe that we are happy when we are in our own house. They do the best design for our house .These people are very skilled in their work. So choose the best one for you.

Interior Decorators of Surat

#1 Studio 4 Interiors

hall  Interior designers


Contact –  9825518449



People do everything to make the house look the best . People like to decorate the house. But people let the interior designers to do the decoration of their house . Also people are taking ideas from the internet to design. Moreover with proper skills they guide us more properly.

Interior Decorators inspire you by your surroundings

It is one of the best interior designers in Surat.Studio4 was started 2011 . Studio4 provide many services to people. Also they believe that room should make us smile. One of the reason behind their success is the unique ways of work.

#2 Obaku Designs

 best interior designers bedroom


Contact – 7096788888/ 261-2634588

E Mail –

Address – 235, Somnath society, Nr. Sosyo Circle, U.M. Road, Surat-395002.

On birthdays we like to decorate differently. So we can take help from the home decorators for birthdays. They decorate very nicely. Everyone likes the decoration done by them.

Hire top Interior Designers to bring Heaven home

Obaku Designs is the good choice for designing your house . It was started in the year 2010. They are the interior designers for home specially. They change your house into creative place .Also, they have furniture for bedroom at cheap rates . With their different ways the projects are all good.

#3 The Interior Workshop

Good interior designer hall


Contact – 9879453181

E Mail –

Address – The Interior Workshop, 302-303,Gokul Solitaire, opp. Nandanvan-2, Near Sun Arcade,VIP Road,Vesu,Surat-395007, Gujarat,India.

We are creative people. The interior designers office are also decorated by them or others. We can take ideas from local places . Also we can take ideas from the internet. We can share our ideas with the designers .The designers adds everything we tell them in our house .

Dreams made in Reality by the best Interior Designers

The interior workshop covers all your needs with ease. According to the founder Tejas Mistry A good design is a set of desire and grace .They also get the furniture from the best furniture stores. With lots of efforts they got in many interior and architectural news.

#4 The Space


Contact – 9879516084 / 08866221835

E Mail –

Address – 112, IBC , International Business Center, Near Big Bazaar, Piplod, Dumas Road, Surat – 395007, India

Interior Designing changes your house in a different way. This looks very easy. But it needs lots of knowledge. Interior designing is not easy. You get beautiful house design from the architect. To bring life to this design is what is called interior designing.

Interior Designers make the design speak to You

The Space is another best interior designer. They work in Surat from the last 25years.They work on many types of projects such as houses and many more .They are known for their work in many famous news.

#5 29 Designs

Top interior designers wall

Website –

Contact– 8140700029

E Mail –

Address – 10th Floor, Titaanium Business, Bhimrad Rd, Althan, Surat, Gujarat 395017.

Interior designing is beautiful because of the details. This needs related knowledge . Also the interior designers have to understand the client’s needs . The designing should be beautiful. It also should have meaning.

Interior Decorators makes Art art

They follows “No Rules” .They believe that the important part of designing are the people. They believe that power of designing cannot be explained.

#6 Shubham Designs

 best Interior design living room


Contact– 8401308120

E Mail –

Address – 204, Shree Shyam Chambers, Opp Old Sub Jail, Above ICICI bank, Ring road, Sagrampura, Surat- 395002.

Interior designers use space nicely. They get to learn more as they designs more. They learn a lot of things. The home center table is used to keep things .

Perfect Interiors never go out of Style

Shubham textiles gives the best design. Moreover they are budget friendly .Secondly, they feel building long term relationships with their customers is important. They give all information to the customers about the progress in the project . Also , they take suggestions from the customers .This quality makes them the best interior designers of Surat.

#7 Akruti Interior Designer

interior decoration dining room


Contact- 9879241083

E Mail –

Address – 206 2nd Floor,Akruti Interior Design,ECO Futurz, OPP.Samarth Acquisti, New Citylight Road,
Surat, Gujarat-395007.

People spend less time with their family. Mostly they meet on dining table and share their day to day things. So dining is important in the house. And different people have different needs . The interior designers are there to fulfill your needs .

Passionate Interior Designers who live by their words

Founder of Akruti Designs is Miss. Patel. She started the company in 2007 with her team. They have special dining table designs. She gives importance to details from the starting itself .They give thee best quality ,

#8 Dharmang Interiors

Interior designers of surat

Website –

Contact-98985 79790

E Mail –

Address – 560 / 7, Adarsh Soc., Opp. St. Xaviers School,Ghod Dod Road, Surat – 395007.

People like simple house. Some people want colorful house . People take help from the interior designers .The designers listen to all the needs of the customers . People have guests coming to their house. They want living room design to be the best. The designers have to think about the needs of the customers .

Interior Designers who make magic happen

With more than eight years of experience in classic decorations ,Dharmang is one of the unique interior designers who not only design your small to big sized comapnies but also design your stalls at the exhibitions held in Surat namely Index,Cityscape etc.

#9 Glorious Interior

interior designers ideas of dining room

Website –


E Mail –

Address – U 25, Westfield Sqaure, Near Nandini 1, Near Agrawal School, Vesu, Surat-395007.

There is one thing which plays a major role in the interior designing .It is the sunlight .The sunlight decide where to place any certain object .So objects should be placed properly .

Home Decorators who bring Smile to your space

Glorious means Quality and Perfection. The company is making their strong network. They take quality very seriously .secondly are very cost efficient. thirdly, they use the finest of materials.

#10 J-9 Associates

latest interior designers corner

Website –

Contact-(0261) 2236612

E Mail –

Address – J-NINE ASSOCIATES, Plot No-81, Subhash Nagar Society, Landmark – Croma Center, Surat – 395007.

Interior Designing is not decorating in any manner. The designing should tell about house . Some designers also give beautiful home design to choose from. Home design should be very

Interior Designers who brighten your Home

The Founder of J-9 associates believes that atmosphere of the space affects mood and lifestyle of a person .They also have the believe in bringing the comfort needed with satisfaction of customers .

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