Top 10 make-up artist in Lucknow

Foremost make-up artist in Lucknow

Makeup artists in Lucknow are professionals in the beauty industry with a profession in general makeup or prosthetic creation. Making distinctive looks for customers in Lucknow, applying makeup to enhance attractiveness, and collaborating with other artists on set are among the duties of makeup artists.

We offer makeup artist home service in Lucknow for all formal and casual occasions like parties, weddings, photoshoots, etc. by leading makeup artists on board with our platform.

What is an artist in makeup? Makeup artists are masters in darkening, hiding, or otherwise changing a person’s appearance for aesthetic purposes. To create the appropriate look, cosmetic procedures, stage and film productions may also use makeup artists.

In Lucknow, makeup artists work in theatres, and movie theatres, as well as with clients in spas and salons.

In Lucknow, makeup artists have received instruction in safety, chemistry, and aesthetics.

Given that it has been the subject of innumerable songs, poems, and artistic creations, the face is the perfect canvas for makeup artists.

top 10 make-up artist in Lucknow

Lead make-up artist in Lucknow

Makeup artist in Lucknow can be find working in a variety of contexts inside creative businesses, including as



Melodic theatre and theatre

Style (photography, design shows)

They also typically operate from spas and salons (style salons and spas, full-administration salons and spas, and makeup salons).


Make-up artist in Lucknow can either work independently or as a member of a team. Newcomer make-up artist in Lucknow typically work under a more experienced makeup artist or partner. Although their responsibilities may vary from one situation or occupation to the next, these excellent experts should typical:


Inform customers of their specific needs and concerns

The design concept for makeup ideas

Speak with a variety of people

Ace make-up artist in Lucknow

Make-up artist in Lucknow is important since makeup is used to make a first impression, get attention, and interact with others. 

Make-up artist in Lucknow turn the face into a masterpiece of disposition with the skillful application of advanced techniques and the use of beauty care products.

Effective make-up artist in Lucknow likely possess some traits/characteristics in addition to being skilled in airbrush make-up, and have variety of views, and artistic possibilities:



Inspiring communication and correspondence qualities

Adorable ability to take decisions

Communication under pressure

Able to work under strict time constraints

the analyse client needs

ability to evaluate customer loyalty

terrific audience

Amazing decision-making and analytical skills

Many makeup artists, addition to working 

Glam make-up artist in Lucknow

Bhaavya Kapoor is based makeup artist in Lucknow. She sent off her makeup studio in the year 2011. Bhaavya Kapoor makeup studio is co-possessed by Bhaavya Kapoor and her better half Mr. Aditya Kapoor. She is the first class makeup artist in the city. Today, they are a commonly recognized name, giving accuracy, quality, and obligation to their clients in the fields of beauty care products, hair, and magnificence. The excellence brands utilized by them are-Lancôme Paris, Permacol, Huda Magnificence, Advantage Beauty care products, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, and Macintosh. You can visit Bhaavya Kapoor studio’s true site to book an arrangement on an earlier premise.




Make-up artist in Lucknow based KIRTI JOTWANI, provides a variety of makeup services. Marriage, fidelity, and party composition She also provides makeup facilities for families. The products that Kirti Jotwani’s studio uses are from international companies including Macintosh, Huda Magnificence, and others. The studio provides a variety of cosmetics services, including HD makeup, Photoshop improvements, and more, at fair and affordable prices.



Web address


Prerna Singh Make-up artist in Lucknow opened for business in 2016. Prerna is known as one of the best make-up artist in Lucknow and is famous for her otherworldly hands, which turn a lady of the hour into a beautiful diamond. The studio offers different pre-marriage and wedding offices at really great rates and is situated in the most famous area in Aliganj. They give cosmetics for all parts of weddings, including haldi, sangeet, Mehendi, gatherings, and cocktail parties. If you have any further questions, you can visit their website.


Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary, a cosmetologist with a VLCC certification, is renowned for her artistic makeup applications. She established the KNK salon, which is situated in Lucknow’s Mahanagar neighborhood. They also provide training on mastering makeup. To schedule an appointment in advance, visit the KNK Salon website.

Twitter: @knksalon



Aditya kumar sharma

Aditya Kumar Sharma is a different accredited makeup artist in Lucknow. He was named the BEST BRIDAL AND CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST in 2018 and is a celebrity makeup artist. Aditya cosmetic studio & unisex salon is the name of the makeup studio he established. He has collaborated with famous people including Kangana Ranaut, Raveena Tandon, Neha Kakkar, Ridhi Dogra, and Himesh Reshammiya. He uses products from MAC, Bobbi Brown, HUDA Beauty, Nars, Chanel, Two-Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Estee Lauder, and Urban Decay for his makeup services.


Sneha Charan is the co-founder and director of The Top Knot Salon, which is located in the Lucknow neighbourhood of Gomti Nagar. Her mother, Mrs. Shama Vig, was principally responsible for starting the salon. During the lockdown period in the year 2020, the salon opened. In the makeup and beauty world, Sneha Charan is a well-known name who works wonders with weddings. Aracelli Jewelers, Hunar Multi Designer Store, Mohan Shyam Kalyan Das Jewellers, Bhasins Brothers & Sons, Badri Jewelers, Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, Mehra Arts, FICCI Flo events, and many more are just a few of the notable companies with which she has worked.


@thetopknotbysnehacharan on Instagram


Neha Tripathi is a seasoned bridal makeup artist who is based in Lucknow. She founded her studio- Neha Tripathi Makeup Artist in the year 2018, which is in the Hazratganj area of Lucknow. She is the makeup artist for you if you want an gorgeous look for your wedding day done by the well-experienced ones. Neha is one of the most loved makeup artists. The beauty brands used by her are- Nars, Smashbox, Huda Beauty, Morphe, Tarte, Sephora, Urban Decay, Clinique, Ofra mini, MAC, Estee Lauder, Makeup Studio, Fenty Beauty, Bobbi Brown, etc.

INSTAGRAM- @nehatripathi_makeups


Based in Lucknow, Minakshi Jaiswal is a skilled makeup artist who has wonderful makeup talents. She is the owner and founder of the MJ cosmetics and salon. She has been working in this field since 2012 and provides services at reasonable rates.


@minakshijaiswalmakeup on Instagram


Makeup artist and owner of Rrupantarr Luxury Salon and Makeup Aesthetics by Garima, Garima Jaggi hails from Lucknow. She founded her workshop in Lucknow’s Sadar Bazaar after receiving her schooling in Canada. She uses high-end cosmetics from brands like MAC, Huda Beauty, etc. They provide a variety of makeup and hair styling options

INSTAGRAM- @makeup_aestheticsbygarima



Makeup is only a tool for enhancing beauty, according to Lucknow-based makeup expert Divya Singh. She runs Divya Singh Makeovers, a makeover parlor in Lucknow’s Ashiyana neighborhood, and provides comes with multiple beauty services, whether for the bride or her family. The studio only uses the most expensive beauty brands, like MAC, Benefit, Huda Beauty, Anastasia, Morphea, and many others.

@divyasinghmakeovers on Instagram

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