Subex’s stock price

Subex Restricted is a public corporation recorded on the Public Stock Trade of India (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Trade (BSE) with the ticker image SUBEX. The organization is a main supplier of investigation answers for the broadcast communications industry.

As of my insight cutoff date of September 2021, Subex’s stock cost had been fluctuating in a scope of INR 37 to INR 45 for each offer throughout the last year. It is essential to take note of that stock costs can be unpredictable and dependent on future developments in view of different elements, including economic situations, organization execution, and financial backer opinion.

On the off chance that you are keen on putting resources into Subex or some other organization, it is essential to direct your own examination and talk with a monetary guide prior to pursuing any speculation choices. Moreover, it is vital to keep awake to-date with the most recent news and data connected with the organization and the business wherein it works.

What recently you must know?

According to recent reports, Subex has agreed to a five-year contract to supply a significant European telecom operator with its Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management solutions. The transaction, which is worth more than $5 million, exemplifies Subex’s ongoing success in the telecom industry.

Industry observers have also praised Subex for its superior performance in revenue assurance and fraud management. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management in 2020, Subex was positioned as a “Leader”. This award highlights the company’s know-how and inventiveness in these fields.

In order to diversify its product offering and keep one step ahead of the competition, the company has also been making significant investments in research & development. In an effort to spur expansion, it has also been actively investigating new markets and alliances.

Subex shares cutoff date of September 2021.

BrokerTarget Price (INR)
Emkay Global125
HDFC Securities125
ICICI Securities115
JM Financial125
Motilal Oswal120
Prabhudas Lilladher125
Reliance Securities135
SMC Global125
Average Target Price124.44


Vinod Kumar Padmanabhan, MD & CEO of Subex, has requested for early retirement. The company has appointed Nisha Dutt as the new CEO. She will assume the role from May 2.

  1. What’s the Subex share cost today?
    Subex share cost was Rs 32.10 as on 18 Apr, 2023, 03:57 PM IST. Subex share cost was up by 1.26% in light of past offer cost of Rs 32.45. Subex share cost pattern:
    Most recent multi Month: Subex share cost climbed by 20.90%
    Most recent 3 Months: Subex share cost dropped somewhere near 13.13%
    Most recent A year: Subex share cost dropped down 18.53%
    Most recent 3 Years: Subex Offer cost climbed by 702.50%
  1. Who is the Chief of Subex?
    Vinod Kumar Padmanabhan is the Overseeing Chief and President of Subex

3. What is Subex’s 52 week high / low? In last 52 weeks Subex share had a high price of Rs 48.25 and low price of Rs 18.60

  1. Who possesses Subex?
    Homegrown Institutional Financial backers holding has gone up from 0.0 (30 Jun 2022) to 0.01 (31 Blemish 2023)
    Unfamiliar Institutional Financial backers holding has gone up from 0.93 (30 Jun 2022) to 0.99 (31 Blemish 2023)
    Other financial backer holding have gone down from 99.07 (30 Jun 2022) to 99.0 (
  1. Which are the critical companions to Subex?
    Inside IT Programming area Subex, Datamatics Worldwide Administrations Ltd., Saksoft Ltd., Core Programming Commodities Ltd., Accelya Arrangements India Ltd., Discovery Ltd., Cigniti Advances Ltd., Expleo Arrangements Ltd., Sasken Innovations Ltd., Genesys Global Partnership Ltd. furthermore, Harmony Advances Ltd. are generally looked at together by financial backers for investigation.
  1. What’s the market capitalization of Subex?
    Subex share has a market capitalization of Rs 1,804.03 Cr. Inside IT Programming area, it’s market cap rank is 31.
  1. What are the critical measurements to break down Subex Share Cost?
    Key Measurements for Subex are:
    Price-earning relationship of Subex is – 525.96
    Acquiring per portion of Subex is – 0.06
    Value/Deals proportion of Subex is 5.41
    Cost to Book proportion of Subex is 3.16


That being said, here are some general steps that you can take if you are interested in investing in Subex shares:

Open a brokerage account

To trade shares, you should open a money market fund with an enrolled representative. You can look over different agents, both on the web and disconnected. Try to pick a dealer that is legitimate, solid, and suits your venture needs.

Conduct research

Before investing in any company, it’s important to conduct research and understand the company’s business, financials, and market trends. You can read the company’s annual reports, financial statements, news articles, and analyst reports to gain insights into the company’s performance and prospects.

Analyze the company’s financials

Take a gander at the organization’s fiscal summaries to figure out its income, productivity, and incomes. Focus on measurements like income development, working edges, and free income, which can provide you with a thought of the organization’s monetary wellbeing.

Evaluate the industry and competition

Take a gander at the business patterns and rivalry to grasp the organization’s situation on the lookout. Distinguish any upper hands that the organization might have, like exclusive innovation or solid client connections.

Consider the company’s management team

Assess the organization’s supervisory group and their history in maintaining the business. Take a gander at their experience, capabilities, and history of progress in the business.

Look at the company’s valuation

Consider the organization’s valuation, which is the cost of the organization’s portions comparative with its profit, incomes, and other monetary measurements. Take a gander at the organization’s cost to-profit proportion, cost to-income proportion, and other valuation measurements to decide if the offers are estimated appealingly.

Decide on the investment amount

Whenever you have directed your research and dissected the organization’s financials and market patterns, settle on the sum that you will contribute. Think about your gamble resilience and speculation goals prior to pursuing a choice.

Place your order

Once you have decided on the investment amount, place your order with your broker. You can either place a market order, which buys or sells shares at the current market price, or a limit order, which sets a specific price at which you are willing to buy or sell shares.


Subex is an Indian worldwide company that gives programming arrangements and administrations in the space of income confirmation, misrepresentation the executives, and online protection. The organization was established in 1992 and is settled in Bengaluru, India. Subex has a worldwide presence, with workplaces in more than 20 nations and a client base that incorporates a portion of the world’s biggest telecom organizations, as well as undertakings in different ventures like retail, medical services, and utilities.

One of the vital qualities of Subex is its aptitude in income affirmation and extortion the executives. Income confirmation is the most common way of distinguishing and settling income releases and mistakes in a telecom organization’s charging and functional frameworks. Extortion the board is the most common way of recognizing and forestalling fake exercises, for example, unapproved utilization of administrations, SIM box misrepresentation, and global income share misrepresentation. Subex’s answers here help telecom organizations work on their productivity and consumer loyalty by lessening income spillages and extortion misfortunes.

Notwithstanding income confirmation and misrepresentation the executives, Subex additionally offers arrangements in different regions like computerized trust, IoT security, and telecom examination. These arrangements help undertakings across enterprises to get their computerized resources, forestall cyberattacks, and gain bits of knowledge from their information.

Subex has gotten a few honors and acknowledgments for its greatness in programming arrangements and administrations. In 2020, Subex was named a “Pioneer” in the Gartner Sorcery Quadrant for Income Confirmation and Misrepresentation The board. This acknowledgment shows the organization’s aptitude and advancement here. Subex has additionally been perceived by other industry investigators and distributions for its items, administrations, and client assistance.

Subex has been putting vigorously in innovative work to grow its item portfolio and remain in front of the opposition. The organization’s Research and development group is centered around creating imaginative arrangements that address developing business sector patterns and client needs. For instance, Subex has been putting resources into regions, for example, 5G and IoT security to give clients progressed arrangements meet their developing security necessities.

Subex has likewise been investigating new business sectors and associations to drive development. The organization has areas of strength for an in the telecom business, however it has been venturing into different enterprises like medical services, utilities, and retail. Subex brings likewise been collaborating with different organizations to the table for joint arrangements and administrations to clients. For instance, in 2020, Subex collaborated with Spirent Correspondences to offer a joint answer for 5G organization testing and security.

Subex has areas of strength for a position, with a good arrangement sheet and positive incomes. The organization has been productive lately and has kept areas of strength for an on cost control and functional proficiency. Subex’s monetary presentation has been perceived by financial backers, with the organization’s stock cost performing great in the securities exchange.

All in all, Subex is a main supplier of programming arrangements and administrations in the space of income confirmation, extortion the executives, and network safety. The organization has serious areas of strength for an on innovative work, development, and consumer loyalty, which has assisted it with building areas of strength for an and notoriety on the lookout. With its extending item portfolio, worldwide presence, and solid monetary position, Subex is strategically set up to profit by developing business sector patterns and drive development in the years to come.

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