You may be an excellent lover, confidante, friend and guide, Scorps. But you may have realised off late that you may not be exactly that great at loving yourself fully. You may do it in short spurts and then crumble away.

Try replacing blame and anger with gratitude for your present awareness of what is not working or did not work for you in the past.

Relax, let go of things you cannot control and let life take over. It may be a tearjerker for now, but it is real and deep - and that’s what love is all about.

What if your purpose is just to spread a little sparkle wherever you go and what if you are doing exactly that?

Ground your energy today, Cancer. It is easy for you to get swept up in everyone else’s clutter and check-list, what about you? Take it as an investment in your mental health to wake up 10 mins earlier so that you can gift yourself a slow start to your day.

Understanding and feeling the oneness of everything may have not come to you easily, but it is here for you to enjoy to the fullest, Leo.

Purify. Envision. Enact. Virgo, this is your theme for today. Your phase of withdrawal and hibernation is passing by and now you are at the brink of a brand new chapter.