ON PAGE SEO is also called On Site SEO ,is the process of taking a pages content , tags and internal link to improve and increases traffic.

Checklist Of ON PAGE SEO  :

Title tag .

 Meta description.

Meta Keywords .

Anchor text optimisation.

Alt text .

Alt text , Content  .

Title tag :

So what is title tag ? A title tag is part that denotes the subject of a web page .

Title shown in couple of key location : Search result pages , Web browser page .

Clickable text form, increases CTR .


Write keyword in description in beginning increases CTR . Use keywords in the body , headings or both are relevant to the search .

Basic way to tell users content of website's .

Set proper keywords should be attractive and natural .

Meta Description

Meta description give searchers a better understanding of what your web page is all about , which in turn leads to more clickthrough .

Character limit 160 .

Image optimisation  Alt tag

Alt tag is description about image .It should be keywords base .

Include SEO friendly alt tags .

Ensure your images are mobile friendly.

Anchor text optimisation

Anchor text is direct you another page or website and are clickable ,attached with hyperlink .Used for internal and external link .

Three types of links :

Internal links : Direct to another page on your website.

Outbound links : Are external links that point to a site on a differnt domain .

Called backlinks ,are links from other websites ponting to your page

Content Optimisation

Content is king . Content factors you need to maximize your SEO Use easy words and make it readable.

Part of SEO process is using keywords and phrases that describe what your content is about .

 Total headings six : H1 , H2 , H3 , H4 , H5 ,H6 .

Primary keyword : H1 with keyword . Secondary keywords : In H2, H3 ,H4 , H5 , H6 .

Title should be H1 with keyword .

Each page contain only one H1.