Top 10 Yoga Classes in Chandigarh

Individuals in Chandigarh are true fitness freaks and Yoga is one thing that is really getting in the fitness scene. Chandigarh has various yoga places that offer yoga classes in various areas of the city. Assuming that you are hoping to seek after yoga classes in Chandigarh and are in the pursuit of some great yoga habitats, then this post is for you.

Best Yoga Classes in Chandigarh

Yoga has stayed an influential part of our general public both in the ancient and modern times. In Chandigarh, yoga has been widely acclaimed and discussed subject as of late. Individuals from all parts of the world have polished it in different structures and significantly affect the body.

Here’s the list of T0p 10 Y0ga Classes in Chandigarh

1.Yog Amore

Another great place offering yoga classes in Chandigarh is Yog Amore situated in Area 16. This yoga studio is exceptional and has great coaches who are very professional and consistent with their work.

Address: House No- 242, Sec – 16-B, Chandigarh.

Mobile no:- 9595232373

2.Yog Cafe 

The YogCafe is an exceptional yoga place situated in Chandigarh that furnishes both physical and metal healing with the assistance of yoga. The middle holds Power yoga classes, Hatha yoga classes, Iyengar yoga classes and reflection classes. Yog Cafe Chandigarh has confirmed coaches, individual preparation office and little gathering classes that keep the climate quiet and rommy.

Address: YogCafe, SCO 61, Sector 19-A, Madhya Marg,  Chandigarh

Mobile Number :-9595232372

3.Body Zone

This wellness community offering yoga classes in Chandigarh is another amazing spot to indulge in power yoga. Its enthusiastic yet conventional activity programs give a decent physical and emotional well-being and an instant mood upliftment.

Address: Sco 180-187, second floor, Sector 9, Chandigarh.

Mobile Number :-959522373

4.The Art of Living

One of the most established yoga habitats in Chandigarh that is exceptionally respectable both in India and overseas is the Art of Living focus in Chandigarh. They offer yoga, breathing procedures and reflection programs that eases pressure.

Address: SCO 445-46, First Floor, Sector 35c, Chandigarh.

Mobile Number:-9595232373

5.Arogya Sadan

Established in the 1980’s, this yoga place is very renowned in Chandigarh for healing therapies include reflection and yoga. An ensured focus gives yoga training to all age groups.

Address: 718 psb complex sector – 49 A, Chandigarh.

Mobile number:-9595232373

6.Oxizone Fitness Spa

Another wellness place that has special yoga training classes in Chandigarh is Oxizone Wellness. It has an exclusive studio dedicated to yoga and reflection. You’ll get the best mentors here and an extraordinary climate to vent out your pressure.

Address: SCO 321, SECTOR 38, Chandigarh

Mobile Number:-9595232373

7.Brahmrishi Yoga Training College

This is one more school in Chandigarh that offers a B.Ed, Recognition Courses and Guaranteed Courses in Yoga. The school has a connection with Punjab College and its courses are perceived by the Chandigarh Administration.

Address: Sector 19A, Chandigarh.

Mobile Number:-9595232373

8.Government College of Yoga Education and Health 

The college likewise holds yoga classes for the overall population in Chandiagrh. Any one can take part in classes.

Address: Sector 23A, Chandigarh, 160023

Mobile Number:-9595232373

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